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Make Stories Up For Play Pretend: Canto Ostinato (A Shamelessly Obvious Vanity Project)

I present you with... A shamelessly obvious vanity project so shameless you'll wish someone would just cast me in something, anything! I went to the Erasmus Huis' "Canto Ostinato" programme and it gave me a widdle writing idea... It's still very raw at... Continue Reading →


Bridge-Burning Blog: Of Supervillains, Villains, and Mean Anonymous Daydreamers (You’re All Fed-Up With My Writing Exercises By Now)

4. The Anti-Climax   February 19, 2015 Endnote: Please note that this was pre-drafted (and I’m glad it was pre-drafted, because there is no way in hell I would have time for this right now). So, while I may have... Continue Reading →

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