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Starstruck ✨

So... I just recently realised why I rarely (probably never) get starstruck. LOL. When I was smoll, I thought all TV was “reality” (documentary). 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like, I’d watch “Star Trek” reruns and I’d believe it was really people on a... Continue Reading →


Organising & Keeping Things Neat: 2017 Agendas/Planners and Journals

Note: In this blog post, you will see that I have used some crystals for paper weight (literally, to keep the pages down while I take photos of my planners and journals) and to censor out personal/private bits of my... Continue Reading →

I have changed my WordPress theme today! Hm. ♏️👸🏻🍂🔥✨ #StillHalloweening

From Kelly to Baskerville. I like the picture of the wet-from-rain road by the forest because they remind me of gloomy vampire films I like a lot ("Kiss of the Damned" which I have probably seen about 9 times on... Continue Reading →

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