A list of (almost) everything I’ve ever been in…


1. “Makan Malam” (2015, short film)

Character name: Putri
What was the film about? Kind of like “Hamlet” reimagined in a Padangnese setting if Ophelia never drowned actually married Mas Hamlet. And Claudius is the family doctor, who’s a old family friend, and isn’t necessarily evil (which kind of makes it even worse—because how can you hate the guy? So Hammy ends up looking like an even shittier human being for being a whiny pissy widdle Oedipal baby). Still as creepily Freudian as Shakespeare’s version, though…




2. “Naked Mole Rats In The World of Darkness”, Jakarta Players (2015, theatre)

Character name: Carol, Marion Barnes, et al. (Various characters, about five-ish Homo sapiens characters in total, plus one lion)
What was the play about? A play about gender-relations (I was in ~3 monologues of the opening sequence, “It’s Just Clothes”, a traveller at the airport, the lawyer scene, and “you ruined my life” as happy ’50s housewife/lion).

@JakartaPlayers #NakedMoleRats2015

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3. “EX.” (2015, short film)

Character name: Kirana
What was the film about? An insecure journalist is assigned to interview her fiancé’s ex-girlfriend and learns more than she bargained for.

This is silly, but I actually found these photos of filming "EX." on @TheSpoiledMilk's account because I meant to ask her about her profile pic change (not even because she tagged me in it). I find it more intriguing when a person changes their social media icon when it's a single colour (hers used to be a neon-ish Tiffany's blue—not that I know the Pantone number or hex code, or anything). It's a pale baby blue now. I'm slightly amused that I should play a journalist, because "Almost Famous" was my coming-of-age film (I even cried a bit when I heard the actor who played Lester Bangs passed away) and I made my first real money writing an article for Kompas when I was 15. It's like coming full circle. That's all… 🎬 (Photo credit: @Pambudiooo)

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Kirana takut nggak off-book begitu waktunya tiba. I've only had time to fully focus on this today (December 4) at noon after submitting all my work (at the office). Must be off-book! A! S! A! P! I keep getting roles with Javanese (Sanskrit) names. I feel like such a Javanese princess… 🌸 Anyway, this was the role I applied to from my hospital bed in early November. And I got called back for an audition by sending a link to "The High-Brow Show" as my application (oh, I just knew introducing Shakespeare to the peasants would bring about good luck and good karma! I just knew it). My Hamlet video is legit the stupidest thing on the Interwebs right now, but it got me a role (thanks to my homie, Hammy). I fought an army doctor so I could be discharged for the audition too. I have to say 2015 has been a statistically strange year auditions-wise! 🔥🌿🍵 #InWhichMiaDjojowasitoIsUnderPressureOfBeingInAll8Pages #Draft11

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4. “A Time For Us” [Indonesian Title: Ruang/Waktu] (2016, short film)

Character name: Galuh
What was the film about? Open for interpretation.

5. “Beyond Therapy” (2017, theatre)

Character name: Prudence
What was the play about? Bruce and Prudence are deeply into therapy. Prudence’s macho therapist is urging her to be more assertive, while Bruce’s wacky female therapist wants him to meet women by placing a personal ad. She does not fully comprehend that Bruce has a male lover who is not pleased by Bruce’s desire to date a woman. Bruce doesn’t know how to handle poor, nervous Prudence, and Prudence doesn’t know what to make of her unpredictable new boyfriend. They do learn to live beyond therapy in this delightful Off Broadway hit that moved successfully to Broadway. (SamuelFrench.com)

I think I may have made a miscalculation in listening to #Blondie. I mean it does capture the era, but maybe not #Prudence (the person). Because if you're a 30-year-old in 1981, you would've been born in 1950–1951 (so your formative years would have been in the mid-50's, if you want to get Freudian about it). You'd be a teenager/in high school in the '60s (you might've been exposed to hippies) and the feminism of the '70s in your 20's (but you could excuse a 30-something in the early '80s to be conservative about gender roles if that's what she was brought up with). Anyway, I was rambling. I meant to discuss Blondie! By the time you're like 30, you sort of begin to romanticise the music you listened to when you were about 12–15 (the first record/cassette you bought, that kind of thing) and you might say things like, "I don't like new music, it was so much better in the early '70s because all the new music sucks" or something. IDK. Whatever, I'm still listening to Blondie. I like it. Is it too early to listen to A-Ha? "Take On Me" was mid-80s. I've never done anything #period before! Can you imagine playing an immortal character, like a vampire or something? Gasps, "OMG," like Audrey Hepburn in "Charade", OMG. Remembrance what it was like for the vampires in "Only Lovers Left Alive"? OMG. 🎶💌🍷👸🏻🥀💔🇫🇷 #HeartOfGlass #TheTideIsHigh #PeriodPlay #PlayingPrudence #BeyondTherapy #BeyondTherapy2017 #ChristopherDurang #Reading #Francophile #1981 #1980s #Early80s #80sMusic #Plays #Theatre #Dreamy #Actress #Actresses #Acting ••• 📸 Credit: @AgaveraYuli @JakartaPlayers

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🎟 TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.jakartaplayers.org/beyond-therapy.html 🗽👩🏻🚕🍂 #Repost @jakartaplayers (@get_repost) ・・・ One of Christopher Durang’s most popular comedic plays set in 1980s Manhattan. Bruce, a highly emotional bisexual man, and Prudence, an indecisive woman, both placed personal ad in hopes of finding a stable relationship. They recalled their disastrous first date to their respective psychiatrists, both therapists seemed crazier than their patients. After making progress in her relationship with Bruce, Prudence meets his lover who is clearly not happy with their recent developments. Everything culminates in a very eventful scene at the restaurant. #jpbeyondtherapy #theatre #jakarta Cast: Bruce — Trisa Triandesa Prudence — Mia Djojowasito-Malik Bob — Rizal Iwan Stuart — David Knowles Charlotte — Gene Sugandy Andrew — Erik Lasmono See link in our profile to purchase tickets and for more info. PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE AND CONTENT. MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 17.​

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Mia Djojowasito takes her craft very seriously, as you can see here. In this video she reads excerpts from "Beyond Therapy" by Christopher Durang… 📜🍽🍷 Dates: December 8–10, 2017 Time: Matinée (15:00) & Evening (19:00) Venue: @IFI_Indonesia (Thamrin) •••• 🎟 TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.jakartaplayers.org/beyond-therapy.html 🗽👩🏻🚕🍂💛 #JPBeyondTherapy #BeyondTherapy #HungryActors #BeyondTherapy2017 #JakartaPlayers @JakartaPlayers #ChristopherDurang #PlayingPrudence #Plays #1981 #1980s #Early80s #NewYork #Manhattan #Plays #Theatre #Dreamy #Actress #Actresses #Actors #Acting #PersonalAds #OfflineDating #JakartaEvents #Retro #OldSkool #VeryAccurateTrailer #NotMisleadingAtAll

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What one wears when one goes on a date with someone exceptional who one meets through a personal ad, someone like a Pulitzer Prize-winning author… 🥀🖤🍷 Dates: December 8–10, 2017 Time: Matinée (15:00) & Evening (19:00) Venue: @IFI_Indonesia (Thamrin) •••• 🎟 TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.jakartaplayers.org/beyond-therapy.html 🗽👩🏻🚕🍂💛 #JPBeyondTherapy #BeyondTherapy @NYBooks #BeyondTherapy2017 #JakartaPlayers @JakartaPlayers #ChristopherDurang #PlayingPrudence #Plays #1981 #1980s #Early80s #NewYork #Manhattan #Plays #Theatre #Dreamy #Actress #Actresses #Actors #Acting #PersonalAds #OfflineDating #JakartaEvents #Retro #OldSkool #GlamourShots #GlamourShotsByDeb •••• 📸 Photographer: Daniel Day-Lewis

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🍁 Anyone have a helicopter I can borrow/rent? I have some good old-fashioned pamphlets to drop over NYC… I've only managed to hand one out to a mutual-friend of @RizalIwan and @TrisaTriandesa's last evening… 🚁 This was my mother's actual coat from the '80s (thank goodness we're not using this—it's heavy AF, and I can't imagine wearing it under stage lights). I'll just use the crème corduroy jacket instead. Imagine running in this thing in real life all around New York—I'm telling you, it is VERY heavy! I mean I love the look of #autumn fashion and all that, it's just that when I'm in Indonesia, I just always seem to forget how uncomfortable it is to wear sometimes, and how the cold bites your cheek. 🗽👩🏻🚕🍂💛 #ViveLaPrudence #PlayingPrudence #JPBeyondTherapy #BeyondTherapy2017 #Wardobe #StageCostume #JakartaPlayers #ChristopherDurang #Plays #1981 #1980s #Early80s #NewYork #Manhattan #Plays #Theatre #Dreamy #Actress #Actresses #Actors #Acting #PersonalAds #OfflineDating #Retro #OldSkool #Pamphlets #Stalkers #ArtImitatingLife #CryForHelp #PatrickPleaseHelpPrudenceSheIsBeingStalked •••• "I thought we were being followed! […] Why are you following me?! I can't believe that you've been following me!" —Prudence (Beyond Therapy) •••• 🎟 PLEASE HELP PRUDENCE FACE LIFE'S TERRORS: http://www.jakartaplayers.org/beyond-therapy.html

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Guys! Don't forget to read the cultural references in the programme booklet, okay? It's much more fun when you know the who's who and what's what of 1981 NYC… And it's fascinating stuff to know (at least to me, it is—I had loads of fun learning all this stuff). 🗽👩🏻🚕🍂💛 #JPBeyondTherapy #ViveLaPrudence #PlayingPrudence #BeyondTherapy2017 #Wardobe #StageCostume #JakartaPlayers #ChristopherDurang #Plays #1981 #1980s #Early80s #NewYork #Manhattan #Plays #Theatre #Dreamy #Actress #Actresses #Actors #Acting #PersonalAds #OfflineDating #Retro #OldSkool #Pamphlets #Stalkers #ArtImitatingLife #CryForHelp #PatrickPleaseHelpPrudenceSheIsBeingStalked •••• 🎟 TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FOR TONIGHT: http://www.jakartaplayers.org/beyond-therapy.html

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