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So today is June 19, 2016 (the first date of #ProjectOverride for this year) and I'm launching #Durimon. Project Override is a my attempt to repurpose important dates I shared with someone by overriding those dates with another event as a sort of 'amendment' for what that date means to me (because that person not only never honours it, he taints everything that ever meant anything to me). June 19 was originally supposed to be our third anniversary, but from now on, it shall be the day I launched my random stuff online store, Durimon. The "mon" on "Durimon" is pronounced like the French word that means "mine", okay? I was inspired to sell my drawings on random stuff by @EuropeOnScreen's official merchandise on @Tees_Indonesia (I have random stuff there too—but I can't promote it before they ship the remainder of my June 7 order in case the printing turns out bad! Please don't buy anything there just yet: I've also had a bit of a Photoshop mishap but the site won't let me change my RGB files to CMYK, and it won't delete my items either so I'm panicking a bit). Got the idea on May 5, 2016 when I stayed home because there was nothing I wanted to watch at the film fest that day—instead, I started a random stuff line! This is the first product from Durimon, I really love it… If you want one too, you can order here: https://www.tokopedia.com/Durimon/a-british-javanese-wedding-pouch (in Indonesia) or http://www.zazzle.com/Durimon (outside Indonesia). After this, I will be designing my first batch for my #ShakespeareTheatricsUniverse collection! Hm. (And hopefully the #Shakespeare designs can be more share-appropriate because TBH I don't think anyone else but me or anyone outside of my inner-circle would want to have any of the four drawings I put up today on random things—because they're too personal. I just needed these put out by a certain date and I'm busy, that's all—I haven't even done the logo. I'm not delusional enough to think any would buy my stuff… I'll probably gift these to friends, though.) Next stop: September 7–8! Full video: https://youtu.be/1sykwUlL0xA 🐰🌸💀🌿☁️ #JavaneseDowntonAbbey #ShakespeareLives #Shakespeare400 #MadeWithClips #PeopleErasure

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