“No, I know what home-school is, I’m not retarded! So you’ve actually never been to a real school before? Shut up! Shut up!” —Regina George (Mean Girls)



Meh. Apart from the ones I lie about on my CV, none to show for.

Except, this is what home-schooling looks like, losers:

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Chillaxing and reading… So these are the only two #acting books I own because it's all #Kinokuniya had. Boo. And reading acting books under the sun means nobody will want to cast me in anything because then I'll be tan. Because everyone is bloody racist/shadist. Whatever, I was reading AO3 by 15:00 anyway. 🌸🍃🍦 The monologue book, I found at the @Plaza_Senayan store (I managed to trick my parents into paying for it on Election Day 2014 because I enjoy the irony of studying something they disapprove of at their expense—even worse, I'm using a book written by a family friend to practice acting in the Indonesian language because it's conversational! That ought to piss them off). While the bigger one is from @GrandIndo (they need to organise their books better there because I don't think the "Sherlock Casebook" should belong under Performing Arts, it should be in the Entertainment/Detective Fiction section or something—not that I'm obsessed in that show #Sherlock anymore). There is another e-book at the Google/Android store I know about by some other random dude whose name I keep getting mixed up with Stanley Meisler. 🌍 The reason why they're so curly and battered is because I had them in my backpack when I was walking home in the rain from @ErasmusHuis_Jakarta (during @EuropeOnScreen) and they got all wet. ☔️ The bigger book is pretty nice and is neatly organised and numbered (pages 68–77 are good for a checklist). Which reminds me, I should finally make that blog post about monologues public on my website (about how I fixated on one monologue at one point and then realised I couldn't use it due to anatomical issues) at some point… Hm. 🌷 #NoFilter

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BOOM! I know, right? Suck it. 🖕🏻✨