All aspects of it! From the miming:


Character study:


To the actual dancing, of course:


And just being the weirdo I’ve always been when given the opportunity to channel my weirdness:

Went to @Namarina_Dance_Academy's 60th Anniversary dressed as the dance emoji. (Yes, really.) My classmates performed "1001 Malam" (Arabian Nights). The 1960's repertoire was the best, it was very Asian—I'm a bit gutted I couldn't be a part of this, it was good… But I'm not advanced enough to perform, I'm not ready to perform in front of an audience (so appropriately I'm wearing OPI's "Today I Accomplished Zero" from the Coca-Cola collection). Also really like "Giselle" (actually, I always love that play—and I always smiffle because I'm a fool like that). But I also loved the flappers and The Beatles pieces too! My parents couldn't make it, but Mother played mamarazzi before I left. LMAO! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #Ballet #IntervalDiary #Namarina #Namarina60 #DancinAt60 #BalletIndonesia #Dance #Emoji #DanceEmoji #EmojiDress #HumanEmoji

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And I genuinely like and enjoy it! Not doing it just to make Mother proud and happy:

Oh, I've found my #BillyElliot VCD while digging up all my old ballet stuff from the boxes we kept stuff in during the move! I thought I had seriously lost it when we lived in Mega Kuningan while the Airbase House's roof needed fixing. It's the first film I've seen that managed to make me cry! Ever (yes, seriously—before that, I thought I was incapable of crying over films). I actually don't even know how to cry-on-cue. I keep getting the director (Stephen Daldry) confused with #Trainspotting's (Danny Boyle) for some reason… Hm. The last thing I cried about on film/telly was the dog covered in blood looking oblivious-but-sad on @BBCOne's #TheNightManager (dying to see @NationaleOperaBallet's #HNBMataHari too, by the way). And that's the box where I used to put my Ophelia necklace (a "Daddy's Little Girl" gold necklace pendant) but I can't find it anymore… Sad. The only person who's ever told me I had what it took to be a ballerina was oddly my "Wardrobe 101" teacher in charm school (finishing school) and she only said so because I have a deformity… See in charm school, before they teach you how to dress impeccably, they first introduce you to your own body and they even have maths formulae for body proportions. According to the math, my legs are too long for someone with a torso/arms as short as mine (when I compared class notes with other family members, they said they had the same issue—it apparently runs in the family). And speaking of family: Mother is taking this as an, IDK, 'blessing' and God-sent gift? But she literally thanked the Lord (LOL, I'm serious) and said I was gaining good karma/merits for "menyenangkan hati orangtua" and said she can't believe how difficult it was for her and Father to get me to dance and swim as a child (I've applied the "Ludwig" Instagram filter in her honour—Father sat me and down and made me watch #Amadeus but it never happened, either). She can't contain herself and can't stop thanking God. And when I LOL-ed she yelled, "I was a dancer!" Today she actually told me I'm making her dream come true to have a dancer daughter! See how on March 2, 2016 (watch this space). 🐰🎀☕️ #MiaTheBallerinaREBORN #Day19 #Ballet

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I did not get to take many photos on Day 1 of spending #Eid Holiday at Maternal Grandparents' Place because because apparently the #karaoke party Mother throws for her school friends was on the same day! They're very serious about these karaoke parties, they have a live band instead of playing videos with lyrics on them like normal people. Hm. 🎤 This is me being annoyed and bored in my room (although I did manage about 3 pages of my #HarukiMurakami book, about Tsukuru's friendships). It is probably worth noting that Mother nearly named me Diana after the English princess (because Mother had a dream about her before finding out she was pregnant with me). I wrote about it on (it is still locked for now because I am feeling somewhat introverted, still). That and, maybe but IDK for sure, she is a huge #KoesPlus fan… LOL! So I spent most of Day 1 in the back garden with my cousins, this is me smelling the #coffee yesterday… Made by the badass-est maid in all of #Indonesia! I even designed her a shirt (it is an exclusive item that is not for sale, only she is allowed to wear it). ☕️🐰🌸💀🌿☁️ #JavaneseDowntonAbbey #Durimon #HolidaysAtMaternalGrandparentsHouse #JavanesePrincess #Javanese #Java #Indonesia #Fashion #Style #OOTD #Kebaya #Holidays #Travelling #Vine #Viners

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I also like daydreaming and imagining things up that make absolutely no sense and run a ballet blog on Tumblr: @thomp-thomp (which I named after one of the mindless ideas I had).