A few things you need to know about Mia Djojowasito:

  • Actress. A struggling one at it too.
  • INTJ. And, yes, that is in fact the same MBTI type as Mycroft and Moriarty, Hannibal Lecter, Mr. Darcy, Loki Laufeyson, O-Ren Ishii, Mr. Burns, and possibly every Bond villain there was (translation: Don’t even bother messing with me, I will DESTROY you).
  • Late bloomer. As in “I launched my so-called acting ‘career’ a little later in life”. Not because I’m a stereotypical flaky actress with no idea what to do with my life (rest assured that if that were the case, I would be pursuing a PhD as we speak). But simply because I was busy doing more important things like, I don’t know, saving the world? Unfortunately for me, that Nobel Peace Prize never came. Neither did the Pulitzer. And the UN YPP isn’t impressed with my handwriting. So I figured it wasn’t worth it anymore because what’s the point of trying to make the world a better place if you’re not going to get recognition for it, right? And so now I have decided to focus on working on pursuing my dreams of glory and fulfilling my desire to become rich and famous (screw “the craft”).

Reading about me is very likely to be more exciting than reading about 243 types of tobacco ash. Obviously. Also, when I tell a joke, at least one person always laughs: ME.