What I did to another person:

I was determined to believe lies about them and chose to only selectively look at short GIFs that made them look bad. (Isolated from full-length videos and context.)

How it came back to haunt me and bite my pretty little arse:

Somebody posted a video of me being thrown off because somebody crashed our dress-rehearsal and decided to start filming unannounced. There were videos of me delivering entire monologues off-book too, but the awful one got highlighted. I look stupid AF. I’m not even sure the ones where I got my lines right ever saw the light of day.

FTR, I have quit acting and I’ve zero interest in being an actress now. I had my reasons for doing it, but I never intended to pursue it long-term. (It doesn’t really matter anymore if people want to believe I can’t remember lines, etc. I just want a quiet life now, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to clear my name too. End things on a good note? Also, I just wanted my apology posted on my own turf too. To clear my conscience a bit…)

I’m trying to forgive the person who tried to smear me with that video, and I am trying my best to stop speaking of that person in the angry tone I used in the above tweets… Being mad is draining and exhausting. But for the same reason, I also would still prefer that person no longer be a part of my life now.

So, yeah, this blog post is brought to you by my Spirit Guides to remind me that karma exists. I find that when I eventually figure out why something bad happened to me and acknowledge my past wrongdoings, things start falling back into place again. I hope that’s what happens to me after this~

Life has been so rough for all of us in 2020!

PS: I bet these were the two people who downvoted my comment—LOL.