Hi guys! Behold my time-blocked habit tracker:

I created it in July 2019 and originally intended to sell it as a printable digital download on my Etsy & Payhip shops.

IDK if I can say I “invented” it, bit it’s basically just a hybrid of the time-blocked planner/schedule and the bullet journal habit tracker & was pretty shocked to find nobody was doing this already, so thought about selling it. (But thought I’d “test-drive” it first for a bit since I figured maybe nobody was selling anything like this because maybe nobody is selling anything like this yet because it sucks and it doesn’t work? IDK LOL.)

But it’s really helped me get back on track during the COVID-19 lockdown and I feel terrible about making money off a non-essential item (productivity tool) that people might need because of the lockdown.

Plus, I just didn’t want to be a completely *useless* nuisance during this this quarantine period. I just want to help somehow but I don’t know how. So, this is my pathetic attempt at being helpful during a time where none of my skills are particularly useful, to be realistic. But I hope you like & someone finds it helpful.

So I’ve decided to make it available for free. Download it HERE (PDF).

(Or you can also get the editable MS Word [RTF] version HERE.)

I recommend printing two pages per sheet—use these settings on your printer:

If you’re part of the planner community, you most likely already know how bujos work & what “time-blocking” is.

My life is a bit of a mess right (I know, you’re probably doubting a productivity tool made by someone who doesn’t have their own shit together LMAO) so I don’t know how to explain it to those who don’t & my hands are full; but if you don’t know how to use it, maybe have a look at these pictures to get an idea of how they work + Google “time blocking” and “bullet journals”, and you should be good to go. So here’s how it’s worked out for me:

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