So… I just recently realised why I rarely (probably never) get starstruck.

LOL. When I was smoll, I thought all TV was “reality” (documentary). 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like, I’d watch “Star Trek” reruns and I’d believe it was really people on a spaceship with camera people following them around. 😂 I wasn’t a very bright child. I’d watch cereal ads and see Aladin’s genie pop out of the box, and I’d wait and wait until a genie came out of mine (never). 🤣

Basically I grew-up watching reruns of 1960’s “Star Trek” (woah turbulence—LMAO) and “Golden Girls” when I was young.

I was so stupid as a child that, my mother would dig-up the toy from the cereal box early for me (instead of waiting for it to just emerge) as a treat when I showed her I could read.

I wised-up, eventually… 🥤

But what I’m saying is, I think that because I thought all TV was documentary TV when I was Smol Mia, during my formative years I had no concept of films sets or “celebrity”.

If I ran into the actresses from the “Golden Girls”, I’d probably be like, “oh, the old ladies from that show”, but I wouldn’t see them as actresses but just random old ladies whose lives happened to be documented on television. Much like how a person can volunteer to take part in like a study for a medical trial or something… I’d see them as a group of people doing a public service, just like a public servant (although at that age I never considered whether they got paid for it or not—which is kind of dumb of me, because I thought of a lot of weird things that most children couldn’t handle when I was smol, at one point I thought about how vast the Universe was after taking an astronomy class in school and WTF we were doing here our life’s purpose when I was 8 which led me to experience the feeling of ‘depression’ for the first time, but I ramble and that’s a story for next time because my God that was messed-up).

It probably also explains why as an adult I don’t really have that “look-at-me-I’m-so-high-brow” snobbery intellectual about reality TV like some people do…

Like, when I think about it, who am I get on a high horse and look down on the Real Housewives when I practically grew-up thinking all TV was like that, and I thought the “Golden Girls” were the Real Housewives.

Would I be willing to appear on a reality show? Probably not, because that wouldn’t help me with the career I want… The employers I’d want to work with wouldn’t see that as a plus—just not what I’d think of as being a CV-worthy job (I’d rather do a low-key side-hustle like moonlight as a ghostwriter that doesn’t need to be listed on my job history). Who would take seriously an actress who plays herself on scripted “reality” TV? (Hey, if you want to be famous for being famous, whatever, that’s your business… But I personally, as a preference and life choice, that’s not for me—I want to be a fameheaux, not a famehoe. LOL.) But I just don’t feel I have any business looking down on reality TV. Who am I to judge?

Simple pragmatism and matter of preference, not snobbery. Eh. Shrugs.

At the same time I have no patience for “famous people” who think being famous justifies behaving like tools.

On the bright side, my childhood stupidity did lead to some fascinating experiences as an adult:

You see, if you’re always star-struck, you never really get to experience what happens when you’re NOT starstruck.


If you frequent places where celebrities go (or like if you ever attended an acting class with a celebrity, or at least has-been) you’ll notice that if you appear to not give a shit who they are (like you don’t ask for a photo/autograph or try to sit near them), THEY start getting needy AF.

You start catching them staring at YOU, they start sitting near YOU, it’s as if they’re dogs wagging their tails going, “don’t you care who I am? Please acknowledge meeee. Wheeee.” I swear to God, they are the neediest, most insecure species ever. Imagine living under the same roof with that!

They’re just normal people too, I SWEAR if you just ignore them, they’ll start getting needy for attention from YOU, these celebrities…

I dare you guys try it yourselves: Ignore a celebrity, and I promise they’ll start gravitating toward you. It’s bizarre.

Just try it. As a social experiment.

However, this experiment is probably most effective if you’re around the subject for long enough for them to notice that you’re not fawning at them—I’m not sure how you’d fare for shorter periods of time or just a one-off encounter. This is a more long-term social experiment, but I really encourage you to try it. (Although one time I did run into a someone I didn’t recognise at the mall, who was being fussed at by every lone else, and they sort of kept looking at me as if they were expecting me to approach them—they looked puzzled that I just stood there, and I was puzzled to see them looking at me all puzzled… Either way, it’s weird when you get to experience it.)

Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging you to be a jerk or be unnecessarily mean to celebrities to mess with their heads. I’m just saying you guys should try this social experiment that simply consists of you treating a celebrity like a non-famous person (it’s a 100% pacifist passive act of silence) as a fun/fascinating experience. Don’t be an asshole and enjoy! LOL.

Happy New Year! Happy 165th Birthday, Mr. Holmes (Live Long and Suffer, Dude).

Made public on: Sunday, January 6, 2019 (last updated 10:01 AM Western Indonesian Time)