Hello, everyone! [Waves.] It is awards season again and I thought I’d try to impress the voters even though I have not been nominated for anything this year (that’s how thirsty I am).

Note: Many of the photos in this post will have to be blurred-out because this is copyrighted material and the permission to use were given for Jakarta Players’ use only (that doesn’t include my personal use here, and I don’t want to get in trouble or spoil the play for people who have never seen it before—no copyright violation intended—so, sorry about that, at the same time I’ll still try to be as helpful and illustrative as possible about this).

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen and everyone in between: My awards campaign…

I have been planning this blog post for quite a while now, I thought since I already mentioned it briefly in passing on my 2017 planners and journals blog post, I might as well actually do an entire post about it:

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This is the first week final layout before I added #KillingReagan to watch on @NatGeoChannel at 21:00 Sunday (I'm not going to post an updated photo because it depresses me although I think I will watch it in the end, and also: I refuse to retake an updated photo because the lighting on this photo I took on Saturday afternoon is divine—it's natural light and that gold is the Sun King doing his ballet). ✨ I was doing all my #GezelligSunday stuff on Saturday because I had friends coming over today. Also, the printed-out workbooks didn't arrive on time so I didn't do my thing on the balcony on Saturday as planned (funnily enough my "postponed" stickers came just in time on Saturday morning for me to use them—LOL). My friends came over, so I had my day full anyway, so it’s okay… I was watching "Air Crash Investigation" (Ethiopian Air episode, I spotted a contextual subtitling mistake) when I saw that a promo clip for "Killing Reagan" and I want to see it but I'm scared that it might mess me up. Then saw "Years of Living Dangerously" (in which someone in a real-life bipartisan meeting sounded like that dude from the Scott Brown @NBCSNL skit) and then saw four episodes of #AlfredHitchcockPresents (episodes 7.7 to 7.10) until 02:00 in the morning (with lemon beer). And then of course I had friends over. Needless to say I'm having an epic weekend while my parents are out of town. I think I'll be needing some more lemon beer tonight (it'll be necessary if I decide I will see "Killing Reagan" in the end IDK, I'll be needing it). 🍺 I wish bigots were/are more compassionate towards Nancy Reagan, I thought they were incredibly cruel and unfair to her about believing in astrology. How is it okay to make fun of someone for trying to cope with a traumatic event? Don't mock people's survival mechanism. FFS! People seriously need to fuck off. 🥃🌷⛵️👸🏻🍊⭐️ #Gezellig #Hygga #Planners #PlannerAddict #PlannerAddictIndonesia #PlannerNerd #PlannerCommunity #Stickers #PlannerStickers #StationeryMayhem #Stationery #StationeryJunkies #Moleskine

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This time, I’ll try to keep it as short and concise as possible, and no waffling (besides, I’m still traumatised from the time I drafted my 11,000+ word post straight into WordPress’ blog editor and it kept crashing on Chrome—and then the cursor would go missing and I’d accidentally delete chunks of paragraphs in the process and then I’d have to go through my backups to copy and paste the missing pieces in). Nothing went right, everything went wrong. Okay, so I just waffled. Right there. I just waffled. I was going to crack a joke, but that would count as waffling, so I won’t. This is going to be the driest, most straight-forward blog post ever. Where was I? Right: Planning.

I thought since I mentioned briefly how I organised my screenplay and stageplay in my 2017 planners and journals blog post, I’d ! At the time, I wrote the following:

It’s weird, I know… But they’re the centre of my universe. Now can you imagine how it must feel for someone like me to lose my scripts on set? Terrifying. I would have a meltdown, definitely. Because my screenplay/stageplays are never ‘pristine’ or ‘clean’ (maybe have one colour highlighter) like other actors. My scripts contain tons of notes and everything is colour-coded (I draw boxes around my bits, which makes it less overwhelming when I read the thing in its entirety to make sense of where my character stands/the scene’s context, but until I have my bits separated, I can’t really get them to sink-in).

I originally planned it on and to be released on the same day, on the occasion of Mr. Holmes’s birthday (because I just read “The Noble Bachelor” after comparing Sidney Paget’s drawing’s to Pamela Colman Smith’s artwork—long story) and I am now obsessed in Mr. Holmes again, although I celebrate his birthday every year like a real friend anyway usually. And I wanted to celebrate his birthday with activities other than those which involve breaking New Year’s resolutions (or behaving like a complete nutter, such as pre-ordering a 2018 daily planner on the 6th day of January because of how traumatised my last experience left me). Alas, I could not get it done on the exact day I originally scheduled it (got sick and stuff).

The picture above is what the script and notebook looked like not long after they were just handed to me. And when I went to stationery store (and lost my mind). It no longer looks like that. Nowadays it looks battered and romantically time-worn, more like this:

Because I literally take it with me everywhere. Because that’s just how I role (pun intended). When I’ve been cast in something, I carry my scripts around with me everywhere I go like a safety blanket until it’s opening night (even if I’m already off-book) or filming. It just helps me feel like I have it together when I have it on my person…

So I’d take them everywhere. Everywhere:




At one point I used it to prove to an Army Doctor that I needed to be discharged pronto!

I also always write notes on my scripts… Always.
I even write notes on screenplay that isn’t even mine and I’m not in the film:


(I am grateful for the amount of whitespace the format allows, though… I only don’t like it when productions don’t print their scripts on both sides.)

I always have notes. Like feewings references, sometimes even specific dates during which certain emotions occurred—only I understand that code because only I know the date’s significance, so even if it does fall into the wrong hands, nobody knows who or what the cryptic bits are about…

1. How I organise my screenplay and stageplay

“Naked Mole Rats in the World of Darkness” (NMR) is a good example to illustrate this as I have multiple roles in this play. Because although I always have notes, I don’t use colour-coding systems (or even put page tabs/markers) on my pages when I play lead/co-lead, especially if it’s a short because I’m likely going to be on all (if not almost all) the pages anyway. In those cases, I only highlight my character’s name:

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Kirana takut nggak off-book begitu waktunya tiba. I've only had time to fully focus on this today (December 4) at noon after submitting all my work (at the office). Must be off-book! A! S! A! P! I keep getting roles with Javanese (Sanskrit) names. I feel like such a Javanese princess… 🌸 Anyway, this was the role I applied to from my hospital bed in early November. And I got called back for an audition by sending a link to "The High-Brow Show" as my application (oh, I just knew introducing Shakespeare to the peasants would bring about good luck and good karma! I just knew it). My Hamlet video is legit the stupidest thing on the Interwebs right now, but it got me a role (thanks to my homie, Hammy). I fought an army doctor so I could be discharged for the audition too. I have to say 2015 has been a statistically strange year auditions-wise! 🔥🌿🍵 #InWhichMiaDjojowasitoIsUnderPressureOfBeingInAll8Pages #Draft11

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In this production of NMR, I was in two monologue sequences (playing four different characters in total) and another two characters in two skits. It therefore required a more extensive colour-coding system.

2. The Script

2.1. Colour-Coding (Tabs & Highlighters & Pens & Markers)

Page Tabs

Tool Colour Code O, but what does it meeean?!
Page tabs Orange Individual monologue
Page tabs Pink Skit
Page tabs Blue Skit

Writing Utensils and Other Stuff

Tool Colour Code What could it possibly meeean?!
Ballpoint pen Black Just stuff I write in my notes, rarely use on screenplay
Ballpoint pen Pink 1.       Pages my scenes are on;

2.       Script notes.

Highlighter Purple To draw lines around my chunks of dialogue
Highlighter Orange To highlight my characters’ names
Marker Blue Box numbers (the boxes drawn in purple highlighter)
Marker Yellow To draw stitch lines as my own way of marking (CONT’D) personally


2.2. The Tools

These are some the pens, markers, and highlighters I use for this (the black pen isn’t the exact one from 2015, but its the same brand). I still have some of the tabs/page markers I used on this stageplay in 2015, but I have none of the pink ones left because I love pink, very much!

2.3. The Extra’s (Last Page)

I stuck this actors role table given to me by JP on the back. I had to tape it using duct tape so it wouldn’t get lost ever! This is very important for brain defragmentation, first you need to know where everyone is to find out where you stand (I do one of these for myself too, shown below).



3. The Notebook

3.1. The “Mind Map” (General Overview)

This is like the equivalent of my Moleskine weekly dashboard. Before I start learning the lines, I have to have the bigger picture first, otherwise I can’t focus or feel secure learning the tidbits if I don’t know where they fall:

3.2. Line by line…

Breaking down my paragraphs into lines really help make everything less overwhelming (and so does re-writing things down). That way the words don’t jumble up and get clumped in my brain:

3.3. Rehearsals schedule and questions…

A friend at JP shared a line-memorisation technique where you rewrite all your lines into one big paragraph, so I tried that too (that what those full pages are).

3.4. Tongue Twisters! Tech Week Schedule!

These are tongue twisters given to me in the English speech class at charm school. I always carry stuff like this anyway, this is my audition pouch:

3.5. Wardrobe

3.6. Promotional Material

Sometimes when I’m in a production that is available to the public, I make special little trailers, promotional videos, and photos. But only if I have ideas for it. If I don’t, I don’t and just use normal RT-ing or URL-sharing (I think ‘brainstorming’ or forcing creativity is bad—if I have nothing to say, I just don’t produce anything).


Even if I’m not asked to, if I have an idea, I’ll use it to promote the work: Here I’ve scripted the little trailer (above) I made in my room (that poster was ) and filmed the bathroom:



The page with the “Leiden Revision Video” title has nothing to with the play, it was a little recording I made for my alma mater’s internal use, and that’s private:

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OMG. Can you imagine having to sort/edit the leftovers from filming a feature film? I just made a 20-second video (without anyone directing me, sans proper script) and I had so much. I'm just hopeless! By the end, I literally had clips where I turn on the red record button, say nothing, and literally turn off the video recording after a split second of doing nothing on camera (I think I have 2–3 like that, some just me pursing my lips like a Muppet and blanking out—maybe some day I'll post them on Vimeo after the original video has been used/after the event. I'm terrible. LOL). This is from me counting 20 seconds to get a feel what of what 20 seconds feels like, by the way. Oh, well. At least my hairdressered hair is fantabulous… ✨ And, ja, that's the Collector's Edition (in the original Strand magazine format—which, of course, is pretty cool to look at—but still, nothing beats reading on iPad/iPhone with built-in dictionary). ☕️🇬🇧🔍 #ChillaxThursday

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This promo wasn’t scripted, tho, I made it on a whim after making the Leiden one:


This also wasn’t planned, but nowadays this is the kind of thing that would’ve gone into my social media planner:
I led a wild life that year… I went on little postersticking adventures, I ran a “sign your body part” deal for anyone who bought tickets from me before I get famous:


I even did stage door, but nobody showed up:


4. I hope you enjoyed my blog post and found this helpful!


Last updated: January 13, 2017 (made public on the Friday the 13th because I'm scary that way)