In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve used a Wingdings heart (instead of a Unicode emoji) for the title, because it was those good old days when you had to know how to code (HTML/CSS) and people would make blogs from scratch on MS Notepad (hosted on Geocities). And LiveJournal required an invitation. ♥

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Good morning! It is December 19, 1999 Day—my blogging anniversary, so here are my Instagram #2016BestNine! I'm so pleased that it features one of the happiest days of my life (where I experienced a feewing completely new to me) and some of the happiest moments of this year, including: visiting maternal grandmothers' place and dressing-up like her, going out with visiting family members to have some udon and being treated to #Shakespeare stationery and putting it all up on #Vine, my #Durimon video, playing with makeup and cutting my hair for my #Rachmaninov video on #243TypesOfNailPolish, and having a #gezellig time hanging-out with friends to see a film! I think this is the first time I feel like x-posting a single Instragram photo as a post to (it seems excessive but I will probably end up doing it—LOL). In my #GratitudeJournal today, I will be noting that I am grateful for having friends who can still spend time with me and just simply enjoy the moment (and my company/friendship) without having to turn everything into a social media photo-op. I really hope 2017 turns out to be wonderful and goes well for everyone I love! And it turns out to be better than 2016. Take care… Huggles and kisses! 🌷🥗⛵️🍂👸🏻🍊🍁 #MMXVI #YearInReview #BestNine #MisterPinkster #Family #Friends #Actresses #BeautyBloggers #Viners #JavanesePrincess #JavaneseDowntonAbbey #Shakespeare400 #OOTD #NailPolish #DrM #ArmyDoctors #HairCuts #Love

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