From Kelly to Baskerville. I like the picture of the wet-from-rain road by the forest because they remind me of gloomy vampire films I like a lot (“Kiss of the Damned” which I have probably seen about 9 times on rerun on FXAsia and “Only Lovers Left Alive“, for example).




That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secrets.
That’s why her hair’s so big, it’s full of secrets.



I have also updated the top menu baru (I’ve added new sections to it) which I will hopefully complete by Sunday (November 13, 2016) and I can make it public by then, or on Monday. I have added the following sections/links:
  1. Link to homepage.
  2. Under the new “Moi, Mia!” section, I’ve added an alter ego database and a link to the name pronunciation guide (the old “about” section has been moved as a sub-section there too).
  3. A new section called “stuff I was in” (basically an acting CV including my award nominations, with lots of pictures, my Vine URL, and a SoundCloud widget).
  4. Another new section called “Other Stuff I Like To Do” (Durimon, beauty blogging and YouTube-ing for “243 Types of Nail Polish”, writing, drawing, a masterpost of my #WhoWantsToBeMyJawn performance art piece thingy, ballet, and exclusive never-before-released details of my secret life as a cunning linguist).
  5. Added to the bottom menu by actually linking all my social media accounts up where everyone can see the link.
  6. Organised the old pages (rules, diva demands, FAQ) under a section called “Being Difficult” and added to that are: acting credentials, a link to fanboy/fangirl me, and a link to watch me on my season of “The Bachelorette”.
  7. The “contact” page remains, as does the lower menu (same structure and all).

The MS Word custom dictionary for aid work has also been updated on Sunday and Version 2.0 currently contains 15,823 words. You can download it here (it’s still free and will always be).